Tips from other allotment associations in the UK

This page is for links to other associations in the UK. There are very few allotments in UK that have their own web sites. Normally it is the council that runs them. Rent is paid, rules are set and people get on with cultivating their plots. If you come across any allotment Association with a good website, we can refer people to them via this page.   Meanwhile here are some Facebook groups that might be worth joining.  Ed.

An example from ‘Steve’s Allotments Group’ see below


Allotment Society 4.9k members
Allotments and Gardens 1.8k members
Allotment Hints and Tips 72k members
UK Allotments 4.3k members
Allotment beginners uk 34k members
Friends of Broadway Allotments  269 members
Steve’s Allotments group 2.6k members
Golders Green (London) AA  Plot holders Tips and Hints – fertilizers – dealing with pests – couch grass and bind weed – pesticides – growing organically
Bristol and Bath  What is no dig.  9 Best things about No Dig
Vertigro Vertical Allotments Grow your own without having to sacrifice your limited outdoor space. Poor site but good idea

plus plenty more if you search. Loads nay tons of new ideas.