Committee Meeting Monday 7th November

The ad hoc meeting was attended by Francoise Sauze, Simon Green, John Dando, Janet Payne and Inishkea Bishop chaired by Brian Snellgrove

It was proposed that

  1. we could use SMS texts to keep people in touch
  2. We could consider some shelves next to the shed for unwanted or excess vegetables
  3. Someone agreed to go round to Will and pick up the rotovator and the papers
  4. The idea of a natural toilet was turned down as being unnecessary
  5. We build our own hard stand for the manure using planks, gravel and cement
  6. We should move material around in the shed rather than having a bigger one
  7. We make the Facebook page public and give people rights when they join
  8. Allotmenteers will be contacted by phone to ask if they are on Facebook and to advertise next Wednesday the 16th November meeting

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