AGM with the Council – Monday 7th November

  • Brian presented his report (see committee pages). The main points are
  • there will be a rent review next July which will cover the period from 1st October 2023.
  • We should put in competition contributions for the Summer Fayre¬† which is on 8th July 2023
  • The council are looking forward to a formalization of the committee and a date of Wednesday 15th February has been selected
    Brian noted that although reminded, the Council had not visited the website in spite of it now being the premier model in the UK. They were asked to do so and comment. We await their response.


  1. Steve Plumley

    The website looks very good and contrary to comments received by email the council are very pleased in what has been achieved and apologies if that did not come over at our recent meeting . The main concern lately is that everything has been left to Brian to sort out . He had done a tremendous job and when we have been asked to help him with advice and personnel matters have.always tried to assist him . Anyway the whole place looks good and is a credit to everyone .
    Well done keep it up it is appreciated and a great asset to the town
    Steve Plumley

  2. Inishkea

    Thankyou Steve for your kind words and checking out the website!



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