Applying for a plot

Dig on for VictoryThe allotments are situated on the south side of Radstock Road opposite the estate of car repair workshops, and 50m west of the recycling. BA3 2AD will get you there.

We have made joining as simple as possible but you will have to sign on the dotted line with regard to an agreement. Click here to view. We do require you to keep to them.

Anyone living within the borders of Midsomer Norton is invited to apply for an allotment. To see if you are in the right area see msnmap.  Every plot is marked with a number so you might want to wander around (the allotment is open at all times) and see where you feel most suited. In the main car park there is a notice board with any vacant plots marked.  I’m sure that if you are there particularly at weekends existing allotment holders will be more than happy to talk with you but please identify yourself as a visitor.

At first it is always hard work getting control of the weeds and so forth but little by little, easy does it, and before you know where you are you will be enjoying your first vegetables or flowers.

Please note that the payment of a rent does not guarantee possession of the allotment. It is necessary to work the ground within a reasonable period of time.

Plot rentals run from 1st October to 30th September. If you join after 30 May, then half the annual payment is applicable. The rental varies according to the area and at the current rate of £0.43 per square meter. It is one plot per family unit.

The offers will be determined  by the order in which you express your interest using the form below in red. The sooner you sign, the higher up the list you will be. 

Write brian @ pobox. com  to  join the waiting list. Openings will be coming up soon.

view the  plan  to see what is available.